Air Hockey

by Air Hockey

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released March 11, 2014



all rights reserved


Air Hockey Indianapolis, Indiana

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Track Name: Overtime
"I think it's for the best" are words that are rarely wrong or ever regretted.
Your knees are on the tile.
Your hand is on the towel rack.
My hands are working overtime
to hold your hair back.
Two weeks ago you were 22 screaming,
"Why are those days so far gone?
Whose hand forces us to move on?"
Track Name: Striker
Striker to matches; matches to bridges.
I could write your name on every wall of Fountain Square.
You wouldn't care because yesterday is yesterday,
and that's how it will stay.
Track Name: Collecting
I don't want to be anything at all.
Can't I just wait here and collect my thoughts
like souvenirs to the places I've never been?
I don't want to be anywhere at all
Can't I just wait here collecting dust like books we've read,
but we'll never read again.

I don't want to be alone. I don't want to talk about it. Leave me alone. I feel surrounded. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to talk about it. Lay your head on my chest. I'm fine. Go back to sleep.
Track Name: When It Matters Most
You make the biggest plans as if it's what you deserve,
but you whisper "tomorrow" as if it's a curse word,
and you see the ending without moving your restless feet,
and seem so confused when everyone decides to leave.
You forgot how to swim
and expect them to go underneath.

Can I make a suggestion? Don't turn your back on a lion,
and keep your ears open when everything's quiet.
That's when it matters most, right before the whole thing blows.
You don't want to be the only one who didn't see it coming
right when it matters most.

You make the biggest plans. You shoot arrows at the sun,
but you drink until morning like you're waiting for someone.
Do you think life is endless?
A big sky that we live in?
Or some ocean you float in with no destination?
The one who is never lost is the one with the compass.

Right when it matters most.
When you're desperate and all alone
Saying, "I didn't sign up for this.
Goodbye. I'm going fucking home."
That's when it matters most,
right before the whole thing blows
You don't want to be the only one
who didn't see it coming.

I see it coming.
Track Name: Gullible is literally in the dictionary.
I've never had much trust in the intentions
of others or myself, but aren't you something else.
Gullible and innocent,
You'd believe in anything
if it gave you purpose or a story of redemption.
Cynical and arrogant,
They will tell you anything
if you let them. Please, don't listen.
Track Name: Carlos Boozer
It feels like a carousel. It used to be a hurricane.

We all adapt.
We breathe from our stomachs
screaming, "oh, no no no no no no no no"
until we know enough to make it.
It's enough to make you sick.

You don't want/need/feel/mean anything now.

Round and round the ups and downs
The "where I've been" and "what I've fucking done"
Is it enough? A fifth or what?
A gallon is enough to make me nervous.
The downs the ups. The shitty luck.
The hole between the sun and my bed.
It's all okay. I'm used to it.
It doesn't even make me nervous.

It used to be a hurricane. Now, it's just a carousel.
Track Name: Marionettes
You know it's been a while since you have been honest with all of the images displayed inside that miserable head, but it won't make a difference. You'll have to live with them. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow the shades of the colors will brighten and grow into all of the places we always wanted to go.

Stop waiting for change, and start cutting the strings.
We're not marionettes.

You're dancing in step. You're a marionette.
Track Name: Knuckle Sandwich
I was maybe eleven. My blood was on the asphalt
because I was smaller than some kid at the bus stop.
That's when I remembered what my brother told me,
"If you don't swing back, then you're bleeding for nothing."

So I swung and I swung until my knuckles went numb,
but when I came to, I hated what I had done.
I swung and I swung until my knuckles went numb.
All the victim ever wants is their hand on the gun.
Track Name: A Major Key
Eye contact is easy in the mirror.
Speaking up is simple when you're wasted.
I wish all my regrets came from overconfidence.
One can only dream.

For now, I want to make believe, like sad songs in a major key,
that there is comfort and beauty in even the worst of things.
Track Name: No One Needs To Know
I'd love to tell you, "We're in the clear,
and this gets easier with every day,"
but you'd know that I'm full of shit when every morning's hit or miss,
and some days you'll love me, and other days you'll loath me,
and you'll start smashing things
against the walls again,
and you will dream of me
drowning by your hands in a lake,
and that's okay.

No one needs to know.
I won't tell a soul.

I will be the pillow that you scream into,
or the one that you punch until you pass out.
You can break my legs and roll my off a mountain top.
I will climb back up with my hands.